How I got blindsided by yeast extract in Amy's Kitchen organic foods (opinion)

 I should offer a statement of regret to NewsTarget perusers. For over a year now, I've been suggesting Amy's Kitchen as a wellspring of value, natural solidified sustenances made without yeast remove. As you may review, yeast concentrate is a characteristic sounding added substance that nourishment organizations use as a flavor enhancer trade for MSG. However it contains free glutamate, and for some individuals, it has an indistinguishable impact from MSG - headache cerebral pains, substance taste upgrade and damage to the sensory system as indicated by specialists like Russell Blaylock, creator of Excitotoxins.

Editors' Note: This story has been refreshed with new data from Amy's Kitchen. In light of this story and impressive peruser reaction, Amy's Kitchen has focused on endeavoring to reformulate their sustenances to evacuate yeast separate. You can read the total points of interest of this new refresh at

What takes after is the first story on Amy's Kitchen and my involvement with inadvertent ingestion of yeast concentrate found in an Amy's Kitchen item.

I have been eating and prescribing Amy's Kitchen solidified nourishments for a long while, and in every one of the names I've perused, I've never observed yeast extricate on a solitary item from this organization. That changed today when I acquired and ate an Amy's Kitchen "Vegetable Pie in a Pocket Sandwich," an item that claims, "NO Bioengineered Ingredients" on its name and says it is, "Made with natural vegetables and grains."

For reasons unknown, Amy's Vegetable Pie take sandwich is additionally made with yeast remove. That is correct, you heard me accurately. Yeast remove. It's spot on the mark, directly after "flavors" and just before "turmeric." And as I compose this, I have a shouting cerebral pain that was created by it, and which will last likely for an additional six hours.

I committed the error of believing Amy's Kitchen items to contain no yeast remove. So I accomplished something moronic: I ate a sustenance item without perusing the name. Furthermore, I got nailed by a fixing that I thought Amy's Kitchen never utilized. This is decisively what I prompt my perusers NOT to do, and I feel stupid for settling on such a basic sustenance decision botch (not perusing the mark).

So I apologize to my perusers. I have accidentally distorted Amy's Kitchen as an organization that never utilized yeast concentrate, and I wasn't right. They DO utilize this handled taste enhancer added substance, and it DOES bring about serious migraines in a few people (like myself). It additionally brings into question the morals of the whole Amy's Kitchen product offering. Since if this organization would utilize yeast remove in one item, what else may it use in different items? At the point when its name says, "flavors," would you be able to truly assume that there are no concealed taste enhancers prowling inside the case?

No concealed fixings... on a few items, in any case

About this specific item, the back on the bundle claims, "...we made these supporting prepared pocket sandwiches that are loaded with flavor and completely fulfilling." But they neglected to illuminate buyers they're additionally brimming with yeast remove. So on the off chance that you don't deliberately examine the names from each and every Amy's Kitchen item you get, you may get got simply as I did and wind up gulping a fixing that as I would like to think isn't normal at all and is far not as much as "healthy" or "sustaining."

We should get genuine here: If a sustenance organization guarantees its item is "natural" on the front of the case, how might it escape with conceding its utilization of yeast concentrate on the back? The appropriate response is that utilizing prepared taste enhancers like yeast concentrate doesn't preclude sustenances from being marked "natural." Interesting, huh? Really, the meaning of "natural" has been so mutilated by corporate interests that it at no time in the future means anything taking after all-normal, healthy or energizing. It just means the nourishment thing being referred to met the meaning of "natural" as per a few norms assemble that was, obviously, impacted vigorously by the sustenance organizations. It's similar to the sustenance business affirming itself that every one of its added substances qualify as natural since, well, just 'cuz.

I think that its intriguing that on a few items, Amy's Kitchen makes a special effort to avoid yeast extricate and completely advise the shopper of that reality. The organization's new Meatless Breakfast Patties, for instance, contain no yeast separate at all. It contains "flavors," yet even that fixing is particularly clarified as, "100% immaculate herbs and flavors (no shrouded fixings)."

That is a fascinating expression: "No shrouded fixings." You don't find that expression on the Vegetable Pie bundle. Does that mean the vegetable pie contains concealed fixings? Since, obviously, if the vegetable pie item didn't contain any concealed fixings, wouldn't they declare it on the name by saying, "No shrouded fixings"?

It's a suspicious organization that would utilize concealed fixings on a few nourishments while declaring "no shrouded fixings" on others. It's practically similar to conceding that the containers without that announcement are utilizing concealed fixings, wouldn't you say?

Help spare Amy's from yeast extricate

In spite of this, regardless I believe there's promise for Amy's Kitchen. This is an organization that is by all accounts doing most things right, and the dominant part of their nourishment items contain no yeast extricate or concealed wellsprings of MSG. I say we urge Amy's to drop yeast extricate as a fixing and stay with 100% immaculate herbs and flavors for ALL its nourishment items.

Will you go along with me in letting Amy's realize that we don't need yeast separate in our natural nourishment? Assuming this is the case, post a remark at the Amy's Kitchen site and let them know you don't need this handled taste enhancer substance in your sustenance!

In particular, we need no yeast remove, no MSG, no shrouded MSG, and no hydrolyzed or autolyzed fixings. As natural sustenance shoppers, we wish to ensure our wellbeing, not trade off it. We need our brains to work at pinnacle execution, not to invest hours throbbing in torment because of yeast concentrate symptoms. What's more, we need an organization we can truly trust, with the goal that we don't need to peruse each and every name for each sustenance item we purchase from a similar organization. We'd get a kick out of the chance to have the capacity to trust only one legit sustenance organization to not utilize these sketchy nourishment added substances.

Tell Amy's Kitchen what you need, and I trust they'll react. It is pleasant to see the organization report a "no yeast remove" responsibility and relinquish the fixing over their whole sustenance line. However, they won't do that without adequate open weight. It's the general population, all things considered, that at last decides the details of their nourishments.


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